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Gloria Walker with her 'Maid Marion'
Gloria Walker with her ‘Maid Marion’

A good beginning to the year with another Robin Hood or as it was suggested a Maid Marion.


Audrey shooting longbow 2001
Audrey shooting longbow 2001

In September Ponteland Archers Club lost one of the best loved members of the club when Audrey Hughes lost her battle with cancer.  Audrey joined the club with John after the closure of Walbottle Archers in 1973 and soon became the  secretary, running the club efficiently for over 25 years.  She and John introduced many people to archery through have-a-go sessions and beginner’s courses.  At the beginning of the year she wrote a brief personal history of the club which is available to view here.  She is greatly missed by all members of the club and archers through-out the northern counties.

Record scores at club competitions

In January two new Vegas Club records were achieved, Jenny Jeppsson scored 566 in the Lady’s Recurve and Alistair Whittingham 583 in the Gentleman’s Compound.

Then at the Belsay Longbow Tournament the longstanding record of 422 by Ken Turner was beaten by James Hockaday with 424 points.


Congratulations to Michael Hall for achieving a 6 Gold End
Congratulations to Michael Hall for achieving a 6 Gold End

Congratulations to Michael Hall for achieving a 6 Gold End
On Sunday 30th August 2009 Michael shot a New Western and on the penultimate end shot 6 arrows into the gold.
A Six Gold End can only be claimed when shooting at a minimum distance of  80yds .  Michael waited 16 years to achieve this and it is only the third 6 gold end to be claimed by a Ponteland Archer, Peter Croft and Peter Armstrong being the other two successful archers.

Congratulations to Dan Bowyer for breaking the DNAA record for a National round shot with a recurve bow.  One to add to the 24 certificates issued last year.

April 2009

Peter with trophy at the 2007 Vegas
Peter with trophy at the 2007 Vegas

Peter Jenkins took up archery when he retired joining his wife Sue and son Adam at Ponteland.  He rapidly became a valued member of the club joining the committee as an excellent treasurer and, after taking a coaching course, running one of the beginner’s courses each year.  Members of the club were  saddened by his death in April which followed a short illness.


The DNAA has issued certificates to archers holding County record scores. Ponteland Archers hold 24 records.   Catriona Cherry 1 Longbow, Peter Croft 4 Longbow, Lynne Pattison 2 Recurve and 15 Compound, Ray Urwin 1 Barebow, Josh Vince-Urwin 1 Junior Barebow

The club has had an excellent take up from the beginner’s courses this year with a total of 14 new members. One beginner even managed to shoot a ‘Robin Hood’ on her last session.

The Indoor Opening Shoot was a great success with 28 archers shooting.  Twelve year old Steven Panchen excelled with a score of 426 including a 3 gold end.

The trial run of awarding badges as an incentive for the indoor Portsmouth round was successful with 15 archers taking part and 2 gaining the gold 500 badge.


Dan Bowyer was the Gentlemen’s County Champion with the Recurve Bow Catriona Cherry was the Ladies’ County Champion with the Longbow

This year Ponteland Archers celebrated 40 years shooting at Ponteland with the First Griffin Memorial shoot.


A Second Robin Hood for 2006
A Second Robin Hood for 2006

A Second Robin Hood for 2006

No one was more surprised than Jane to find one of her arrows halfway down another when she come to score on Sunday 26th November and there was no shortage of people with cameras to capture it.

First Frostbite Shoot
First Frostbite Shoot

First Frostbite Shoot

Five archers shot on Saturday 12 November.   It was a bit cold and damp but Ethan managed to gain his 3rd qualifying score for a third class classification badge and Ian successfully shot his new bow made from a plank of wood!

Club Picnic Days

The club has held 3 picnic days where archers shoot a clout in the morning, have a picnic, then shoot the target round in the afternoon.  These have been popular with some but not all archers.  Not everyone enjoys shooting the clout but the average was 8 archers and some members came for the picnic before shooting the target round.

DNAA County Championships July 2006

Mick Hall and Dan Bowyer represented the club very successfully at the Championships, taking the Gentleman’s Recurve Team Trophy, Dan winning the competition with Mick in second place.

UK Masters June 2006
UK Masters June 2006

The UK Masters June 2006

Lynne Pattison won the White Rose Silver Salver as the overall Ladies compound champion at the UK Masters Tournament.  All the competitors are invited by GNAS to shoot with the  competition being held over 2 days. Those archers qualifying in the FITA 70m round go forward into the Head to Head.  Lynne was 5th in the FITA 70 and went on to win the head to head.  On the second day she also won, the round being a Ladies FITA.

At the new Pentangle Tournament Lynne assisted the DNAA to win the overall team trophy by coming first in the Ladies compound division.  Mick Hall was also selected shooting in the Gentleman’s Recurve section. The Pentangle was the Three Cornered Shoot between Cumbria, DNAA and Scotland. Scotland have now divided into 3 regions hence pentangle.

Robin Hood 2006

On Sunday 5th February while shooting a Worcester round Dan Bowyer managed to shoot a Robin Hood, unfortunately he didn’t wait for a picture to be taken before removing his nicely peeled carbon arrow from the target.