Belsay Castle Longbow

The Belsay Castle Round consists of 5 dozen arrows shot over a distance of approximately 50yds (a Castle length).  There is also a novelty round of 3 dozen arrows which last year consisted of rounds of 6 arrows shot inside one minute, with a change of distance every two ends.  In previous years we have shot a blazon round.  The tournament finishes with a wand shoot, a knock out competition.


Belsay Hall, Castle and Gardens 

This is one of the most remarkable and varied estates in the Border country, incorporating a mediaeval castle with a Jacobean Manor House, a Georgian Hall and breathtaking gardens, owned and occupied by the Middleton family for almost 600 years.

The 14th century castle is one of the finest examples of a border tower house and the manor, adjoining the castle, was one of the first unfortified houses to be built in the area.  These were replaced as the family residence when Sir Charles Middleton built the Hall, inspired by a visit to Greece on his honeymoon.  He also removed the old village and replaced it with the present arcaded houses in Belsay Village.

The most beautiful part of the estate is the magnificent landscaped garden with mature woodland, formal terraces and the wild romantic quarry gardens with their exotic plants set in a background of evergreens.  Many of these plants are extremely rare.  Belsay Hall has specialised in collecting rare and unusual plants over the years.



Belsay Castle Longbow Overall Results 2015

Belsay 2015 Saturday Results

Belsay 2015 Sunday Results

Belsay Winner Scores 1996-2015



Belsay Hall, Castle and Gardens, Belsay, Newcastle upon Tyne, Northumberland NE20 0DX.



Photograph taken by Michael Palmer 2007